Have you ever thought about pursuing stock exchange? If yes, you are making the right decision as there are a lot of benefits one can get from stock exchange market especially if you know and understand how this works.

If you are in the midst of choosing the best platform to use for your stock exchange investment plan, calling their respective customer service to ask for assistance and help is a good idea.

Jumping from one customer service team to another to ask questions can help you in determining which of them can provide you the service that you need.

To start with a few questions to ask, read below:

  • Deposit and withdrawal method

Make sure that you know everything under this criterion. You would not want to be left clueless about the method of deposit and withdrawal as these two are very critical in stock exchange. There are many questions to ask about deposit and withdrawal, and to name a few of them, it is highly recommended that you read on the below:

  • Available options

What are the available payment options do you have? Can you use debit or credit card? Is there an option for cheque and so on. Make sure that you know all the available payment options they have so you can have a basis on which of them is best to use when needed to deposit or withdraw money.

  • Time frame

How many days before you can successfully withdraw your money? How about deposit to be reflected on your account? As much as possible, go for a platform that will allow you to deposit and withdraw money the soonest and earliest time possible.

  • Availability of their customer service

You may also want to know their customer service team’s availability. Under this subject, here are some of the things you must ask:

  • Time availability

Are they available to provide service 24/7? If not, what is the best time to call them?

  • Mediums to communicate with their support team

If you call them using their toll free number, asking if they have any other contact information to reach them at is a good idea. Do they have a social media account? How about an email? You may also want to know the hours these other contact information are available.

  • Turnaround time of responses

How long will their customer service responds to an inquiry? What is their standard turnaround time for questions, inquiries and complaints to be attended to.

  • Do you have an available broker to hire

If you are planning to hire a broker, ask them if they have someone lined up to hire. Sure, you would like the broker from the same platform where you plan to invest so it will be easier to communicate with them.

You may also want to know if they have brokers that offer free services like advices or 免費 股票 報價. The more services you can get from the platform, the better it is for you.