When having a portable document format file that needs alteration, annotation, or any other improvement, you will need a good free or a paid PDF editor.

The best PDF editor recognizes texts in scanned documents enabling you to edit images and texts in a PDF file. A good PDF editor should handle a variety of issues concerning a PDF document.

PDFpenPro 11

It’s a macOS only PDF editor that has been in existence for a longer time. It has a cost-effective version having fewer editing options. The PDFpenPro editor is an excellent tool for mac users because of its stable features and a perfect OCR engine. It enables complete PDF file editing where changes are made to replace images and texts in a document. The tool allows for creating PDFs from scratch, editing or making forms, and inserting the table of content in your PDF document.

The tool automatically detects if the document being worked on already has selectable text or scanned images used in an open PDF file. If a file is reviewed text, it will inquire the text to be recognized on the same page.

Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC comes from adobe, giving a complete set of PDFs editing tools, enabling scanned documents. Acrobat DCs OCR engine converts scanned documents into texts that can be searched and changed. When using acrobat, it won’t convert an entire document once it’s opened. You will have to first use the Pro DC’s tools for editing, convert and recognize the pages for editing. It’s simple to change a text in an OCR’d document.

Acrobat Pro DC works on PCs and Macs, making it fit in both environments. It brings a feeling of working outside the chosen OS.

PDF Candy

PDF candy offers a special OCR feature that is unique from other tools for scanning text. It’s hard to edit in this online PDF editor, but it’s possible to upload PDF documents, create and extract text files, RTF files, and Word documents formats.

PDF Candy tool has 44 tools for creating and converting PDF files. It enables rearranging, adding watermark, adding passcodes to PDF files, editing metadata in a PDF document, splitting and adding pages, and image extraction in a file.

After clearing with all edits using a PDF Candy, the edited document is downloaded, or you can upload it to be worked on. The PDF Candy keeps the entire files in a sequence for one download after finishing all the changes.


It’s a special basic online PDF annotation and editing program for free working on PDF documents smaller than 100 pages or ten MBs. Lager documents than the set minimum will mean you use the premium account that charges $36 yearly. It’s accessible on all modern browsers. It’s easy to use the PDFescape annotation tools that quickly add, strike through text, highlight, mark up pages, and insert notes. New texts and images are easily added to the document using the insert tools.

The absence of OCR capabilities makes it hard to change the original text or adding a new text to an existing one. You are also limited on font options as it doesn’t support any computer fonts. You get limited to Times New Roman, Aerial, Verdana, signature, and Arial.

There are many PDF editor tools online. When choosing a PDF editor, you should ask yourself why you need it.