Whether it’s about playing with your family or strangers – online gaming has kept gamers entertained even through the catastrophic times since the global pandemic era of 2020! However, as gaming has been prospering over some yesteryears, some people have already started wondering about its credibility and reliability. 

With the ever-booming industry rising rapidly, the safety and legality of gaming enthusiasts have already become a priority. But unfortunately, assessing which platform is safe has become quite difficult for users. Additionally, the security and safety policies are not similar in all the states of India (some don’t allow these games)! With all these things, it simply becomes nerve-wracking for gamers to find a safe and reliable platform. And they seem to constantly question one thing on players’ minds when they intend to play rummy online: is playing rummy games a safe way to earn money online? To learn more on this front, you can read on.

  • TORF Certification

Whether the platform has the TORF certification or not is an imperative aspect that helps you cross-check the reliability. TORF registration ensures regulation of the standardized practices for the online rummy platforms, focusing on protecting the user interests. TORF encourages the emergence of the rummy industry & establishes a secure environment for gaming around the country. TORF certification makes sure that the platform abides by TORF standards & guidelines, thereby promoting responsible and fair gaming. 

  • Legality

Playing rummy games online is legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has declared that playing games based on skill for real money are absolutely legal in India. And it’s not considered to be betting or gambling. The court defined the game of skill as the game where the success of players depends on their expertise, skills, knowledge, as well as experiences instead of mere luck or chance. 

  • RNG Certification

The RNG or better known as a Random Number Generator, happens to be the system safeguarding the card dealing as well as seating arrangement from the human interventions and at the same time ensures fair playing. It’s what makes operations automated & deals cards, thereby assigning seats to the players randomly without a pattern. Moreover, this system generates unpredictable random numbers for dealing cards, thereby protecting the users’ interests & preventing bias.

  • SSL Encryption

Secure sockets layer or SSL encryption gets used for safeguarding customer privacy. At the same time, it maintains platform authenticity on the internet. Its fundamental role is to protect the user data available on the host websites from getting accessible to third parties. That means that private details like email addresses and passwords get protected. You only have control exclusively over your account. SSL websites have the HTTPS URL rather than HTTP, thereby making it simple to recognize the platforms that are reliable. The personal information remains completely confidential. 

  • No bots involved

Competing with the real players rather than bots is one huge thing that should get considered. Bots get designed to mimic human activities, thereby performing some tasks without any human direction. For playing the rummy games online in a fair gaming environment, all you need is to make sure that your platform doesn’t encourage the implementation of bots. 

  • Fair Play Policy

The rummy platforms online must have fair play policies in order to ensure a safe gaming environment for the players. Besides using the security software and certifications for protecting the user information, these platforms must also take responsibility for conducting fair matches. 

Besides these advantages, the online rummy games also offer speedy and reliable customer support services too. If you intend to play rummy online, don’t worry about whether these platforms are safe or not! Refer to the aforementioned advantages and start your journey! Enjoy the rummy games with your distant friends and family on GetMega app.