It’s another Monday morning at work after a most enjoyable weekend and you have come back to a few issues in the factory. Work on the shop floor will be starting late as a couple of valves have blown on the production line.

You are not sure when it occurred or how and none of your employees either know or are willing to offer information. Your engineer is on the job, but this is taking up time and you have an order to get out in a few days and the last thing you want is to let down your customer, who stuck loyal to you through the recent pandemic. If only you had listened to your friend up the road on the industrial estate and installed a PLC control system. 

A Programmable Logic Controller could have saved you much of the hassle and stress that you now face. They robust industrial electronic system alerts you any problems or potential issues in mechanical and industrial systems, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive.

PLCs are used in many different systems, like traffic lights and road signals to allow the smooth running of the roads. It might be in a car wash where you have experienced a PLC, as it measures the amount of water and soap being dispensed and the time the brushes work. Elevators, conveyor belts, and automatic doors all work through being controlled by a PLC system. Even that ride on the roller coaster at the fairground, so that the speeds are calculated on various parts of the track to prevent accidents.

In the case of a factory, they can regulate temperatures and speed if on a production line. The information is then passed on through real time data to the controller who can make informed decisions to get the most from each day.

Having information about machinery that may have broken or is about to come into disrepair is a game changer. The connectivity allows the information to be collected remotely and instantly. Which is another huge advantage rather than having to trawl through paperwork and old records to try and find solutions.

Advancing into the modern age and using a PLC control system will save you and your business expense and an awful lot of stress. Issues will be pinpointed in an instant and smart decisions can be made to allow you to get the best possible productivity.