The snooker game is the game which is playing on the table which is length where two or more than that the players will participate in the game. The playerswith the cuestick which is so long used to push the ball in the corner of the table, yes there are twenty-one balls in the table, the player used to push the white ball in the corner of the table. As the technology develops the people used to watch every game they wish by seeing in live itself in television or by connecting their gadgets with the internet, adding to that the players have different willing of interested game and player, they fought for their players who are more famous and good at playing. Later, the people start to bet for their players with the money telling or analyze who will win. The people start to bet in online, as well there are several websites available for the betting, in that 100betz websites involves betting in every game, their websites have every game in which the people can bet on their players and the game they want to bet and earn money for their purpose.

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