Corrugated cardboard is versatile to manufacture Packaging board cartons suitable for shipping. It has sturdy characteristics and protective abilities. Moreover, its surface is great for customized printing opportunities. One advantage of printing on the packaging boxes is that the usage for printed labels gets decreased.

Reasons for custom printing the packaging cartons

Technical details

Packaging suppliers like Belley Canada will offer you standard packaging cartons of suitable sizes. It even helps you to add technical data on the blank canvas including the model, quantity, size, expiry date as well as other relevant shipping details.

Bar codes or important product codes or symbols to inform the proper handling of the packages during transportation can be printed. For example, a warning that the boxes carry fragile items helps to save the content inside from breaking because of improper handling.


The packaging carton outer surface is a crucial space that can help brand promotion. Have your company logo, mascot, or tagline printed on the boxes. Brand awareness gets created through the printed packages as it passes all along the transportation process.

Ease for retailers

Every retailer stock a lot of products from a variety of brands. If they receive your product package with relevant details printed, it will make it easy for them to stack. The retailer has the expiry date information before their eyes, so can take actions accordingly to sell the products sooner.


Customized packaging boxes design with attractive prints can help to build brand awareness and brand recall. Customers see your product packages being transported in bulk from place to place. They will identify the printed boxes and your brand with ease. The printed elements on the product are appealing in comparison to a plain brown package.

Eco-friendly promotion

Corrugated cartons are an eco-friendly solution. It is a great alternative to promote your eco-friendly products with an eco-friendly symbol printed on the packaging cartons. Customers will identify your brand to be an entity that works in reducing pollution. They will appreciate it and you get portrayed as a responsible business.

Re-order information

Ask the printing technicians to print the re-order details like email address, website link, or toll-free number on the corrugated containers. This can help them reorder products from your e-commerce site.

Improve unboxing experience

Ecommerce transaction means to reach customers directly. Be creative and ensure to enhance the unboxing experience. Add the name of the recipient or a thank you note to give the packaging a personalized touch. At this stage, a creatively designed message, graphics, and boxes make a huge impact on customer’s unboxing experience.