Diamonds ashes to jewels have been a symbol of love and affection for centuries. They have been used to show appreciation, celebrate milestones, and commemorate engagements and weddings. In many ways, diamonds are the perfect symbol of love and devotion. But where do they come from? How did they become so popular? And what is the symbolism behind them? In this blog post, we will explore the history and symbolism of diamonds. We will also discuss why diamonds are such a popular choice for women’s jewelry.

Where do diamonds come from?

Most people believe that diamonds are formed deep within the Earth, in the mantle. The mantle is a layer of hot rock that sits beneath the Earth’s crust. This hot rock is constantly under immense pressure and temperatures that can reach up to 1800 degrees Celsius! It’s these conditions that are thought to be necessary for diamonds to form. However, most of the diamonds that we find and mine today actually come from much closer to the surface. They’re found in kimberlite pipes, which are vertical columns of rock that extend from deep within the Earth all the way up to its surface. Kimberlite pipes are formed when magma rises up towards the surface but then cools and solidifies before it gets there. These pipes are actually quite rare, which is why finding diamonds can be so difficult!

How did they become so famous?

The first recorded use of diamonds in engagement rings was in 1477 when a duke gave the duchess a diamond ring. This started a trend among European nobility and the upper classes, which eventually spread to the middle class. By the early 1900s, nearly all American engagement rings contained diamonds. The reason for this popularity is twofold. First, diamonds are incredibly durable and will last a lifetime with proper care. Second, they are symbols of love and commitment. A diamond ring is a physical reminder of the promises made between two people, and it is also a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be enjoyed every day.

Symbolism behind diamonds

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “invincible” or “untamed.” In ancient times, diamonds were thought to be pieces of the stars that fell to Earth. They were also believed to have magical powers and were used as talismans to ward off evil spirits.

Today, diamonds are still seen as symbols of power, strength, and invincibility. They are also associated with love and commitment. A diamond engagement ring is given as a symbol of everlasting love. And because diamonds are so rare and precious, they are often seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth.


So why are diamonds a woman’s best friend? I think it has something to do with the fact that diamonds are strong and beautiful, just like us women. They are also a symbol of our femininity and strength. We wear diamonds to feel empowered and confident. And when we give diamonds to the people we love, it’s a way of showing them how much we care.