Omaha has evolved into a flourishing metropolis. It is the best Midwest City to migrate to. The economy is robust because of several Fortune 500 companies, the music, and art scene is prospering, and the locals are friendly. If you are planning to migrate to Omaha, Nebraska here are some good reasons that indicate your choice is right.

  • Low cost of living – Enjoy large city perks in Omaha with a low price tag. Living cost in Omaha is 8% less than the national average. According to a survey, residents get to keep 70% of their income. Besides, the median home value is around $161,000 and is forecasted to increase 3%-4% in the coming years.
  • Food is yummy – Omaha is popular across the world for its burgers and steaks. Besides, the classic staples, the Omaha food scene has evolved. Chefs from Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are considering Omaha to expand their business. They work with local restaurant owners and chefs. The farm-to-table concept is aimed to bring Nebraska flavors to your dining tables and pioneers are Grey Plume, the Boiler Room, and Block 16.
  • A laid-back culture still exists – Even if the population has neared half a million, Omaha has not lost its mid-western charm. The people are never in a hurry. You can find the locals spending quality leisure time with their families every weekend or enjoying conversation at a coffee counter.
  • Family-friendly environment – Omaha is ranked 7th best city to raise a family because of affordable housing, great school system, low crime rate, and commuting ease. Besides, there are plenty of family activities. The Henry Doorly Zoo is a big zoo that even has a safari wildlife rescue. During the trick & treat festival in the fall, Omaha city goes wild.
  • Good job opportunities – The unemployment rate in Omaha is 2.9%, which is the lowest and below the national average in the US. Large companies with a desire to escape cities and need someplace to breathe are attracted to Omaha. Finding a job in established Fortune 500 companies is easy. The city is nicknamed ‘Silicon Prairie’ because it is turning into a hub for tech entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Big city holding small-town charm – Omaha offers that entire big cities offer including a half-million population yet maintains small-town charm. You will find that you will run into familiar locals regularly. The downtown offers the sense of downtown without stressful traffic noise and congestion. You can find parking with ease. Walk or use public transit to get around. You can get anywhere within 20 minutes.

Omaha frequently turns in the best list category as well as the National Geographic list of best cities in America. If you are now confident that your migration to Omaha is the right choice then give the movers and car shipping company a call. Ship A Car, Inc. is one of the best Omaha car shipping services. They have been in the car transporting business for several decades and built a great reputation…contact them!