Straight teeth make you look good and improve your dental health. Teeth straightening with Invisalign gives both aesthetic and health benefits. Invisalign’s patented aligner system is almost invisible, even at the closest distance. So, you feel confident as Invisalign gradually makes your teeth look straighter. A good Monterey Park, CA dentist can always perform the Invisalign treatment well.

Wondering what can be the health benefits of Invisalign? Check the list below: 

  • Boost Your Teeth and Gum Health

Invisalign treatment improves the health of your teeth and gums. Oral health and bleeding improve in patients after the Invisalign treatment. The gum pockets are vacant spaces immediately below the gum line, which tend to attract bacteria, causing infection. Such pockets are a symptom of gum disease. The larger pockets mean the infections would be severe. Invisalign decreases the depth of gum pockets so your teeth hold snugly by bone and gum tissues, which decreases the space for bacteria to spread and cause infection. 

  • Protect Against Dental Issues

Crooked teeth cause an uneven bite. The pressure from the lower and upper teeth when buying down to chew gets even, which wears down your teeth quicker. Plus, an uneven bite may cause receding gums. Invisalign aligns teeth and bite, which protects your teeth from excessive wear and tear. 

  • Maintain Dental Hygiene

Crowded teeth make it tough for a toothbrush to get to crevices where bacteria causing infections spread, which heightens your risk for cavities. You tend to have a buildup of tartar and plaque when your teeth get crooked. You can clean plaque from your straight teeth, which helps in maintaining dental hygiene. 

  • Improve Your Health

The bacteria, which cause gum inflammation, can pass via your bloodstream and cause complications in other areas. Gum disease may cause various health disorders, such as heart attack and stroke. With improved oral health, you can have a better overall health. 

The Bottomline

You should have flawless teeth to feel confident when talking and smiling. Invisalign can always be a great investment to get straight teeth, a beautiful smile, and a better appearance. The best thing is that it also comes with the health benefits discussed above. A good dentist performs a comprehensive dental test to identify the issues to be addressed. Book a consultation with a skilled dentist if you want to have straight teeth and a bright smile.