Tennis is a loophole through which every bettor can win with minimal risk. This is all because tennis itself is a sport with almost no room for chance. Most people use tennis predictions tomorrow to accurately predict the outcome of a meeting.

It is rather simple to find your way around when it comes to tennis. There are two types of this discipline: ATP – men’s tennis, and WTA – women’s tennis, and also there is a separate combined category – Mix. The most popular are individual or one-on-one matches. Matches in both cases are divided into sets, the main goal of which is to get 5 games. If the rivals have an equal score and it reaches 5:5, just as in table tennis, the winner will be the one who manages to lead by two points, in our case, games.

The women’s matches are played until one player takes two sets. When it comes to men, there are situations when they have to take all three to win.

Why placing bets on tennis

Tennis is a unique game, which makes it a great base for betting even for beginners. First of all, it is so because the matches take place constantly and, unlike most team sports, without huge breaks of two or three weeks. Other positive aspects of tennis include:

  1. The ability to follow players – guessing the fitness of players in basketball or soccer is much more difficult than in tennis. First of all because of their number and diversity. In the case of tennis players, everything is much easier – 3-4 matches are enough to assess the players and their potential.
  2. The relative ease of analysis of matches and position of a particular player.
  3. Lots of good bookmaker’s offices.
  4. The availability of many strategies does not guarantee success but increases the chance of winning to the maximum.

Tennis betting does not have any pronounced disadvantages. The only drawback is the individual nature, which is also an advantage. If a player gets injured or for other reasons can not continue the match – s/he loses, there are no substitutions or timeouts. There is also a big risk about the player’s state of mind, as it is not only the physical fitness that matters in one-on-one matches but also the mental one. In contrast to team sports, no one can cover the player’s back or help in tennis.

Major championships for tennis betting

At the moment there are many different tournaments. They are regularly held and are a great opportunity to make money on bets. Before choosing a bookmaker’s office or all the more making predictions, it is recommended to understand the classification of the competitions and their importance for the players’ rating.

The most prestigious are the Grand Slam tournaments held in Australia, the United States, Great Britain, and also France. They are followed by the obligatory nine Masters of Tennis tournaments. Three are held in the United States, the others are hosted by Canada, Italy, China, France, Monaco, and Spain.

Each match played during the tournament can be the basis for a bet. Lower level tournaments, where most athletes perform, are far from being of the elite, much less legendary type. Many tournaments taking place on a kind of local level don’t even make it into the bookmakers’ line. However, it is much easier to hit the big win at such tournaments with high odds because unusual situations are usual here there.

The most important competitions for national teams are the Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women.

Making money: the strategy

There is no win-win strategy for sports betting. However, tennis is a sport where strategies are really relevant. Just look at Shchukin’s strategy. Betting based on the breaks at high odds is not only profitable; it also brings informative gaining.

There are so many schemes that even a personal strategy developed by a bettor has definitely been described and reviewed in some video, article, or book.

In order to place a successful and profitable bet, you should read the predictions and statistics of the selected tournament in advance.