Online casinos are casino games played via the Internet.

Games include:


This is a board game which entails the development of houses and hotels. Players receive rent from other players who stop at their buildings. They do this with the hope of making them bankrupt. Money could however be lost through chance, community chest cards and tax squares. It’s also possible to gain money through these means as well. There are occasions when the player lands in jail and cannot leave until a certain condition is met.

The game has numerous rules and different editions do exist.

The game includes:

  • These cards are drawn when a player lands on relating squares of the track. There are instructions written on these cards and they have to be followed.
  • A pair of dice is used in this game. The movement of players around the board is solely dependent on the outcome of the dice roll.
  • House and hotels. These are properties made available to players for purchase. Players are able to purchase and make profit off them through rents received from other players. Being a game of strategy, players often choose properties with care and pick the ones with high payoffs. If a player lands on an unowned property, the property is automatically open for sale.
  • The game definitely includes money which is used to buy properties, pay rent, pay taxes and as well as make other due payments.

Jail requirements

A player is only sent to jail when certain things are done. This includes:

  • Having three consecutive doubles in dice roll.
  • If a go to jail card is drawn from chance or community chest.
  • A player could also be sent to jail if they land in the go to jail

Community chest

The community chest could favor or not favor a player. The moment a player lands in community chest, the player is to pick the top card of community cards and follow the instructions. The instructions could imply a player receiving money from the bank or paying money out. It could also imply the throwing of the player into jail or the getting out of jail for free.

Poker dice

These dice are a special kind of dice. It is a game of chance. They do not include number representations but instead include the faces of playing cards. They are six sided like most dice and include the face cards (king, queen, jack) and the number card 10 and 9. The roll of the dice is used to form a poker hand.

The game is generally played with 5 dice and a minimum of two players. Each player is eligible to three rolls of the dice after which the winner is announced. The beast hand wins the game.


Online casinos involve a variety of games. The slot online is one of the most prominent one. However, only slot online Terpercaya should be used by players as lots of frauds and scans are possible.