This is becoming so easy for the people to go online and take support of the amazing Toto site for food verification. Before talking about the pay money per level scheme let me give you some information about the Money exchange. Users of the Muktu Headquarters automatically money exchange (꽁머니환전) at 1:1 ratio that online and don’t forget to check out the point initialization section that is also important to be understand. Let me explain some more facts regarding the pay money peer level here.

Points for users!

Muktu headquarter is providing points to every user who stay always active on the site. These points are paid, so anybody is able to gather information about the site perfectly that would be really a great opportunity for them. You can rely on the amazing features of the site that is considered as the most advanced option for every user of the site. User can easily able to collect more and more points for upgrading in future. By reading the reviews online you can learn more about the points system.

Weekly points!

Platform automatically provide you weekly points to users who are already active. Even the points are paid every Monday at 00:00. Even the contribution to each level of the food is divided that you can check out here-

  1. Level 1: 0 points
  2. Level 2: 5,000 points
  3. Level 3: 10,000 points
  4. Level 4: 30,000 points
  5. Level 5: 50,000 points

Moreover, we have mentioned the contribution to every level of the food division then you must check out. Therefore, simply start stays active on the site that will give you chance to gather better outcomes always. It is going to be really a great opportunity for the people to choose the best option online and gather information about the points.

Level up guide!

Experts actually choose various users who are already ready to take admission into various events and community activities that are conducted by the MookTu headquarters and also upgrade their rating every week. It is considered as the most advanced option for the people to those are use the Toto site for daily eating site and also for food verification. It would be really a great opportunity for the people to choose the reliable option today because you will never face any trouble regarding leveling up the guide.


It is true that you are going to take benefits of the Toto site on daily basis that will give you chance to gather information regarding the site that is doing fraud with other people users. Along with the eating the sites, it would be best for the users to take benefits of the points that you can get as active daily active on the website of Toto.

Monitoring the site!

The process of monitoring the site starts when a person report for any website on the Toto platform. Therefore, if you are confused about any website then it would be best for you to report for it.