We need to be careful with what goes down our drains, whether at home or in the workplace, as we can cause blockages that can be costly to fix. When you have a blocked drain, it can significantly affect your business, and it is something you will need to address as quickly as possible. Depending on the cause of the blocked drain, you may be able to deal with this yourself, but if it is more severe, you will need to use the services of an experienced and reputable plumber. Below are some tips to help you clear your drains that may work and some advice on seeking a plumber if you need one.

Try Using Boiling Water To Clear Your Drains

If you are lucky, the blockage in your drains is not too bad, and you can clear it yourself easily. An excellent tool for doing this is simple boiling water, and this can often cut through grease and oil and clear the blockage. You will need to pour plenty of boiling water down the drains to try and clear the blockage, but if this is not enough, there are other things you can do to unclog your drains and get them working correctly again.

Try Using A Plumber`s Snake

If the boiling water is not removing the blockage in your drains, you may want to try using a simple tool called a plumber’s snake. The device allows you to push blockages out of pipes and drains, and it can also go around corners, so you do not have to worry about bends in the drains. However, you need to be careful as you can damage the pipes and worsen the problem if you apply too much pressure and are unsure of what you are doing. If the blockage is still stubborn, you can also buy drain cleaning solutions that may help with the problem and help remove those stubborn blockages.

Get Professional Drain Unblocker

You can consider buying an industrial drain cleaner which may make light work of the blockage in your drains. There are various places where you can get these drain unblockers, and you will need to ensure that you follow the instruction precisely. These drain unblockers will often use caustic chemicals, and their improper use can be lethal. You need to ensure that the area you are using the chemicals is well ventilated and that no employees are too close while using them. Hopefully, this will clear the blockage, but if you are still having issues, you will need to call on the services of a professional plumber to help you clear your drains and remove the blockage.

Call Yourself A Plumber

Your last option is to call on a plumber and have them come and inspect your drains to find the blockage and see what has caused it. Knowing the cause of the blockage can help you prevent it from happening again, and they have CCTV systems that can inspect the inside of your drains. Once they know what the problem is, it should not take them long to clear it, and then you need to work on keeping them clear and ensure the wrong things are not getting flushed down your drains.